Effective Procurement Services from

Russia, Central Asia and Africa

VAGABO is an independent oil consulting firm - our primary focus is the procurement of CRUDE OIL and PETROLEUM PRODUCTS from Russia, Central Asia and Africa. We combine local experience and presence with international acumen.

VAGABO is dedicated to providing comprehensive services (business development, commodity procurement, management / trading / back office service) both to oil trading companies and to oil end-buyers with excellent bank references.

We have established exclusive partnerships and agreements with reputable crude oil producers and refineries enabling VAGABO to deliver a first class service.

Energy Products:

Light / Heavy Crude Oil     Gasoline     Diesel Fuel

Aviation Kerosene     Gasoil     Fuel Oil     VGO

VAGABO founding partners cooperate since 2004, firstly under the umbrella of a Swiss oil and commodities trader, at some point as freelancers and finally - when the professional network expanded more and more - they incorporated in 2014 VAGABO LLP.

Today our experienced team of oil traders and business developers comprises 14 partners, based in London, Singapore, Berlin, Helsinki, Minsk and Moscow.

All team members gained professional experience at commodity trading companies, banks, consulting firms.

We always act in our client's best interests.

We are committed to ethical procurement practices and maximizing value by considering costs, delivery, quality, reliability and applicable laws and regulations.

Our procurement experts take over the initiation of business, contract design, contract management and execution - from request for quotation to contract closeout.

This includes also tender support, bid clarification evaluation, supplier selection, and audits.

As part of our strategic sourcing solution, we can also supplement our client's procurement function with experienced manpower during periods of project peak work load in the following fields:

- Inquiry/tender

- Bid clarification and evaluation

- Supplier and subcontractors prequalification, approval and monitoring

- Transport, logistics

- Receipt of goods, invoice handling and reporting

- Framework agreements, procurement strategy, budget and planning

For the benefit of our customers we have access to latest Oil Market Reports and Price Reports.